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Voice "Help Her"
EMF Meter goes off on request
Danny get's response
Voice "Okay"
Voice "We're still inside"
Danny's shirt gets tugged and a voice
Female voice asking us a question​
Child's voice "Stop that" ? 
Child's voice "I'm 5" plus more
unknown child's voice
Child's voice "Mommy"​
JW asks "Are you here?" & gets response
Voice "We're here, we can't ever leave
  Voice " Who wants to know?
Voice Asks "Whats your name?"
Disembodied laughter
Light Anomaly During Investigation

This strange light anomaly was caught during our investigation in Lexington, NC. We tried for about an hour to duplicate this with no results. It was taken from a stand alone, Hi 8 camera on a tripod in the corner of the room. No reflective surfaces in the area. It seems to pop out of the EMF meter and follow the investigator for a short time before circling and shooting off into the ceiling towards the upper floor. Later in the night an investigator was scratched. You will see the flashes from the still camera of the investigator during this clip. I will add it in the comments as what was caught in that photo. 

This camera was set up in the old rehearsal hall in Newberry, SC. It is now used for costume storage and repair. One of the claims in this area is of a female costumer named Faye, who tries to "help" the current costumer with her endeavors. You can also see another of our cameras in the other room through the door opening. Watch closely, what do you see? It appears to be a full bodied image of a person. It was not however caught by the another camera in the other room. We tried to duplicate the conditions before our presentation and were unable to do so.